Love in the Tea Garden (2024)

Love in the Tea Garden (2024)

Other name: 恋恋茶园 茗茗之中爱上你 千金保镖 戀戀茶園 茗茗之中愛上你 千金保鏢 Ming Ming Zhi Zhong Ai Shang Ni Qian Jin Bao Biao Lian Lian Cha Yuan


Ye Xi Yan, the daughter of the Ye Group, was almost killed in a car accident while on a trip in the countryside. She was rescued by Lu Ming Yu, the owner of the tea garden in Guyan Village, who happened to pass by. To avoid danger, Ye Xi Yan pretended to have lost her memory but was mistaken for the peasant girl Xiu Fen. She also accidentally got engagement with Lu Ming Yu?! A sweet and smiling cohabitation life began…

Director: Director: He Jia Nan [何佳男]


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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