Rujak Phi Yajai Mai? (2024)

Rujak Phi Yajai Mai? (2024)

Other name: รู้จักพี่ยาใจไหม ? Do You Know P'Yajai?


Yajai, nicknamed Yajai Hat Thewada (Hands of a Goddess), is a masseuse sought-after by many spa resorts. However, she decides to flee from it all and live a private life. To hide from the fame, she gets a flat where she’s suspected of making a dishonest living and where she hides from Grandma Noi, her only relative who’s made it her mission to pair Yajai up with Kriangkrai. It’s her hope that there will be someone to inherit her Hat Thewada massage technique.

Director: Director: Chirapha Rawangkan [จีรภา ระวังการณ์]


Status: Ongoing

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