The Trainee (2024)

The Trainee (2024)

Other name: ฝึกงานเทอมนี้ รักพี่ได้มั้ย Fuek Ngan Term Ni Rak Phi Dai Mai เดอะเทรนนี่


Passionate student Ryan gets an internship as an assistant director where he meets Jane, an AD with a unique ability to extinguish the fires of people’s passion. Ryan’s suffering is vented to this year’s fellow trainees, including a couple consisting of account executive Bamee and editor Teh, Pah in the art department, and Pie in production. As Ryan continues his training, however, he comes to find that P’Jane is kinder than people think, to the point that Ryan’s heart sometimes skips a beat and it becomes his goal to win Jane’s heart.

Director: Director: Nat Thachai Komolphet, Prang Sasinan Pattana


Status: Ongoing

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