Warau Matryoshka (2024)

Warau Matryoshka (2024)

Other name: 笑うマトリョーシカ わらうマトリョーシカ Laughing Matryoshka


Seike Ichiro is a popular, 43 year old politician. He has gained popularity for his impressive smile and liberal speech and behavior. He is expected to be a future prime minster candidate. He has a secretary, Suzuki Toshiya, who carefully works to guide him to the prime minister position. They look like a perfect match as a politician and his secretary, but Reporter Michiura Kanae feels something is off about the relationship of these two. She begins to investigate their past and notices the mysterious deaths that have followed Seike Ichiro during his rise in politics. Her own father’s death, who was also a reporter, is somehow connected to the politician’s past.

Director: Director: Iwata Kazuyuki [岩田和行]


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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